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  1. Marvel Land Coming Soon to Disneyland

    Watch our Star Wars Land, Marvel Land is comin’ in hot! Earlier this year, the New Star Wars Land opened in Disneyland California and Disney World. Disney workers are not stopping there though, Marvel Land is also on the near horizon! Sadly, Marvel Land is replacing “A Bug’s Land” – but change is good! The…

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  2. Packing for Disneyland in the Summer

    That California Sun Can Be Gruesome, So Be Prepared! If you’re going to Disneyland this summer and unsure what to pack, we’ve got you covered! Along with outfits and bathing suits, make sure you also pack: Sunscreen!!! Water – you can bring beverages in non glass containers Snacks – and we mean only snack items,…

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  3. Mickey and Minnie’s Railroad – Coming 2022 to Disneyland

    Welcoming to Disneyland in 2022, Mickey and Minnie’s Railroad! Get ready to take a ride in this cartoon world of Mickey and Minnie in Toontown! Chug along with the one and only, Goofy, as your conductor! Visual effects and the top technology will have you in awe of this ride. This feature will be added…

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  4. 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Disneyland

    We ALL know Disneyland but did you know these 15 interesting facts? 1. The plants in Tomorrowland are EDIBLE! That’s right, this island believes in making the most of it’s resources. 2. There is a pet cemetery behind the Haunted Hotel – there’s even a headstone for Mr. Toad! 3. Disneyland originally opened with just…

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  5. Disneyland’s 2019 Refurbishments

    Disneyland is undergoing some exciting changes! The Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently undergoing a $300,000 reroofing process! There is no need to worry about losing this classic sight though, the refurbishments will not change the castle significantly. The construction started January 7th and will continue through Spring. Some other favorite attractions will also undergo surgery,…

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  6. The Best Time to Visit Disneyland

    The best time to visit Disneyland depends on you! Whether you prefer summer over winter, Halloween over Christmas time, or big bustling crowds over no crowds, we have you covered! Read on to figure out the best time to visit for you. Avoiding Crowds Are crowds not your thing? Then you’ll probably want to visit…

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  7. Best Bar Crawl in Disneyland

    Although the Disneyland park itself does not serve alcohol, except for the exclusive “Club 33,” there are plenty of bars and places to grab a drink in California Adventures, Downtown Disney, and the Disneyland resorts. However, ground breaking news has just been announced. After 64 years of Disneyland not serving alcohol, they will begin serving…

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  8. Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Disneyland

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially when you are gearing up to tackle the Disneyland park all day! Fuel your body with one of these top 5 breakfast spots in Disneyland. 1. Goofy’s Kitchen Goofy’s Kitchen is a great breakfast spot where you can eat Mickey shaped pancakes with your favorite…

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