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Packing for Disneyland in the Summer

disney packing tips

That California Sun Can Be Gruesome, So Be Prepared!

If you’re going to Disneyland this summer and unsure what to pack, we’ve got you covered!

Along with outfits and bathing suits, make sure you also pack:

  1. Sunscreen!!!
  2. Water – you can bring beverages in non glass containers
  3. Snacks – and we mean only snack items, they must be premade
  4. Walking shoes – you’ll be walking LOTS
  5. Layers – it can get chilly at night so bring an extra sweater/jacket
  6. Hat/Sunglasses – not for looking cool, protect yourself from the sun!
  7. Waterproof phone case – there are some water rides you may want some action shots on, you can buy a waterproof case on Amazon or Ebay
  8. Portable Charger – all the picture and video taking can really eat at your phone battery life
  9. Ziplocs – for saving leftovers, for protecting valuables in water rides, you never know!

Stay cool and hydrated this summer at Disneyland!

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