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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Star Wars

Star Wars

In the spirit of Disneyland’s new Star Wars Land opening this month, here are some mind blowing facts!

1. Luke Skywalker was almost a girl – screen writer George Lucas wrote a draft of Star Wars with Luke as a girl because the story lacked female characters.

2. Yoda was almost a monkey in a mask – but Yoda became a puppet when the monkey kept pulling off his mask.

3. The famous opening text took 3 hours to film!

4. George Lucas didn’t want to cast Harrison Ford at first – he didn’t want anyone from American Graffiti in the film.

5. Darth Vadar is banned from all Star Wars events – the actor annoyed George Lucas that much!

6. Star Wars coins are used as legit money – on the island of Niue in the South Pacific, these coins are used as $1-2 currency!

7. You can visit the planet of Tatooine – it’s a small North African city in South Tunisia.

8. Luke almost joined the dark side – it was a large debate between writers during the removal of Darth Vadar’s helmet scene.

9. Theaters didn’t want to show Star Wars at first – they thought it would be a huge bust, boy were they wrong!

10. Yoda originally had a first name, Buffy…and then changed to Minch – kinda cute isn’t it?

Thank you George Lucas for creating the master piece we know and love today!

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